10 Apps That Can Help You in a Medical Emergency


Everyone faces a medical emergency at some point in their lives, and the end result is often dependent on just how prepared they are. Mobile phones have a lot to offer when it comes to emergency situations, and not just to call 911. Remember, no matter what you are facing, there’s probably an app for it. Here are 10 that could help you out of a sticky situation.

1. Pocket First Aid & CPR

While you should be familiar with basic first aid procedures, you don’t need a certificate if you have this app on your phone. It includes the latest first aid information from the American Heart Association, which is important since new research frequently changes first aid and CPR techniques. In addition, the app will give you illustrated instructions and videos at the touch of a button, to show you how to treat any number of situations. The app also stores insurance and vital medical information to share with health care providers quickly and easily.

Available for: iPhone

2. In Case of Emergency (ICE)

When paramedics or emergency responders find a patient unconscious, they will often check the person’s phone to see if there is an ICE number, someone they can call for more information. With this app, you’ve got that covered. Not only can you input an emergency contact, you can also include vital medical information that could save your life, such as medicines you are on, blood type, allergies, etc. You can also include your doctor’s information and insurance data.

Available for: BlackBerry

3. Close Call

This app is very simple yet extremely effective. It merely adds an emergency contact number and note to your wallpaper, making it simple for anyone to see whom to notify in case of emergency, without having to search through your phone or deal with locks. In cases where you are unable to respond to paramedics, this could save your life. It’s easy and unobtrusive, yet obvious to any first responder who picks up your phone.

Available for: iPhone

4. GotoAid

Gain access to a database of information on medical emergency situations with this app. It includes more than 400 topics and offers interactive tools to help you in an emergency. Not only will you get the information you need on how to treat an injury on a human, it also has information on pet emergency first aid. And, should you find yourself in a disaster situation, this app also contains information on how to handle many other survival scenarios, making it a good go-to application for all emergencies, not just medical


5. !Emergency!

When traveling, it can be difficult to keep up with the changing emergency numbers. 911 doesn’t work around the world, so this app is ideal for travelers. It will automatically deduce where you are in the world and give you the local emergency number as well as offer maps to the nearest hospital or clinic in the area. Take the stress out of traveling to a foreign country by downloading this app and ensuring that you always have access to medical aid, no matter where in the world you are.

Available for: iPhone

6. The Merck Manual Home Edition

For those in need of more in-depth information, this app takes the popular medical manual and puts all that info at your fingertips. It was written by over 300 medical experts and covers pretty much every potential medical situation you could face, helping you determine if a medical emergency is bad enough to head for the hospital or if you can treat at home.

Available for: iPhone

7. iTriage

It isn’t always obvious if you should be running for the nearest ER or if you can head to the doctor in the morning when you have a medical situation. This app, created by two ER doctors, will help you decide just how serious the situation is and offers the ability to store medical information for easy access at the hospital or ambulance.

Available for: iPhone and Android

8. PhoneAid

This is another first aid app that takes you through first aid procedures as needed. One big benefit of this particular app is that it offers voice instructions to help you through the situation hands-free. Images accompany each instruction so you can see exactly what you need to be doing, and you move to the next step with the swipe of a finger. This is a good option for those who want just the basics, as it covers choking and CPR, plus a handful of other common scenarios for both adults and children.

Available for: iPhone

9. FirstAid

Available for the Android, this app is designed to provide you with concise, easy-to-understand instructions, along with images and video, to help you in common first aid situations. It is a simpler application but provides the basics and is easy to use in any medical situation.

Available for: Android

10. Rescue Kit

Designed to help those on the road or hiking, either in their own country or elsewhere, this app displays your GPS location so you can give rescuers an accurate location. It also provides a map and directions, which can be texted to anyone you need to find you. For travelers, emergency numbers for the country you are in are also displayed. However, one of the more interesting features is the Flashlight. Set it so your phone provides bright light, a flashing SOS signal in Morse code, or a traffic light to slow traffic in case of car accidents.

Available for: iPhone

While no one wants to find themselves in the middle of a medical emergency, it’s far better to be prepared. Downloading an app takes seconds and could make all the difference. Often, medical emergencies require a fast cash infusion that you may not have. A emergency loan via your mobile phone may be able to help ease your pain during the hard times and make all the difference.

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